Harissa is one of the delicious dishes of Hunza. The mix of beef, rice, wheat, and green lentils is fantastic.

This can be comparable to haleem, but because it is made with ghee specifically, it has a unique flavor all its own.

It is a very healthy dish that is preferred by the local people to eat.

Harissa is very easy to make and a good source of protein.

It can be eaten alone or can also be served with naan. Traditional dish.

Mostly the harissa dish is being prepard at the celebrations, like in marriges , functions , traditional event.

This dish is a cultural food of the local peoples, in gilgit baltistan and hunza people love to eat,

people make it at there home to enjoy it with family, this dish is totally organic, and it has many positive impact on the grow of the body.

It’s being prepared with totally pure ingredients , like dessi gee, local grown wheat , fresh meat , and so on.

this dish is very much popular, when tourist vist the gilgit baltistan or hunza,

we specially offer them to try the local dishes. like harissa , golee , chapshuro , shopan , diram fiti , daudo.

The mountaineer’s specially use these type of food and dish when ever they trek our the moutain

, thus these food have a great power of energy and protein, which help them to make warm for the long time.

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