5 Insanely Delicious Ways to Cook Food While Trekking


If you’re planning to go trekking, whether it be through the wilds of Iceland or some long-distance hiking trail in the United States, you may be worried about how to cook your food without an actual kitchen (or camp stove) at hand. But don’t fret: there are plenty of insanely delicious ways to cook food while trekking that will ensure you keep your body fueled and your taste buds satisfied! Below are five great recipes – with ingredients easy to find anywhere in the world – that will leave you begging for more!

1) The Spruce fires

Mountain trekers of the world have a tough time with one problem: Where do you get a good meal? And with cooking time being very limited on the trail, what can you cook that is both healthy and tasty? The answer: This five-ingredient paleo recipe. It’s simple, delicious, and has all the nutrients and healthy fats your body needs while trekking. All it takes is some veggies, olive oil or ghee, salt, pepper and lemon juice – and voila! Dinner is served. Plus you won’t waste any valuable trail time prepping food so you can move swiftly along! Read on for a recipe fit for any trekker

2) The Trangia stove

The Trangia stove is a lightweight and compact camping stove that doesn’t require any fuel. The Trangia cook set features two pots and pans, a grill, and a frying pan that you can all use to cook your food. This cook set is perfect for mountain trekkers who need to carry as little weight as possible with them on their journey. The pot and frying pan both have lids that make it possible for you to store your food in them, making it easy for you when you get back from your hike! One of the best things about this set is how durable it is. It’s been created with aluminum alloy, so even if you’re hiking for days at a time through the mountain side, this cook set will be able to keep up with the toughest of conditions.

3) The Jetboil

One of the best ways to cook while trekking is with a Jetboil. The Jetboil is a small, lightweight stove that can heat up water, soup, and other hot drinks in just minutes. It’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for fast and easy cooking without needing a lot of supplies or much space.

Jetboils also come with an optional attachment that allows you to use it as a pot or frying pan. Another great feature is that they have a built-in igniter so you don’t need matches or lighters! You just press down on the top button and presto – your Jetboil is lit! With this method, there is no risk of accidentally getting burned like with other stoves which require fuel or paper. If you’re not sure what to eat when backpacking, check out our blog post about the five insanely delicious ways to cook food while trekking!

4) The Kelly Kettle easy to make food

The Kelly Kettle is a great way to cook food while on the trail. It has two chambers; one holds water and the other contains the fire. You can carry it with you as it folds flat. This is a lightweight stove which makes it easy for trekkers life. It’s also durable so you won’t have any worries about breaking it when you’re on your outdoor adventure. And if the worst should happen and the kettle starts rolling down hill, just pick up and shake it over your campfire- nothing could be easier! If that still doesn’t fix it, take a deep breath and relax; there’s always good old fashioned frying pan and pot. If all else fails, eat them raw (though not recommended). Lastly, trekkers life isn’t always that bad—they get to see some incredible sights from high in the mountains!

5) The Optimus Polaris Optifuel for cook food

The Optimus Polaris Optifuel is a stove that can be used inside or outside. It features three settings: simmer, boil and off. It has an aluminum pot that is lightweight and anodized for maximum durability. The Optimus Polaris Optifuel is ideal for trekskers who want a compact and efficient cooking system.

The Optimus Polaris Optifuel will enhance your trekkers life with five insanely delicious ways to cook food while trekking: 1) Make pasta (using the boil setting). 2) Make ramen (using the simmer setting). 3) Boil eggs (using the boil setting). 4) Fry bacon (using the boil setting). 5) Prepare porridge (using the simmer setting).

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