Luxus Resort Lake Attabad Hunza

At first glance, Luxus resort Lake Attabad might appear to be a serene natural beauty in Switzerland,

but it is actually in Pakistan and was only developed a little more than ten years ago.

It came about as a result of an unfortunate incident in 2010 when a sizable landslide stopped the Hunza River from flowing.

The newest tourism destination in Pakistan was made possible by the rising water levels.

The lake’s gorgeous turquoise waters conceal full motorways buried deep within them,

yet now it serves as a lovely gathering area for fans of the outdoors and watersports.

Here, Luxus Resort Hunza is situated in the ideal location, with a gorgeous view of the recently formed lake.

The brightly painted wooden cabins make up the 5-star luxury resort.

Parquettes and hand-crafted wooden furniture are used to decorate the interiors.

The rooms are brightened by the floor-to-ceiling windows, which also offer one of the most beautiful views you’ve ever seen.

It is breathtaking to see Lake Attabad’s vivid blue hue in contrast to the rough peaks of the Batura Muztagh mountains!

A private terrace or garden connects each room and suite to the others. Gojal Restaurant and BBQ, a nearby eatery, serves up Lahore’s finest cuisine while also providing breathtaking views.
At Luxus Resort lake hunza, we provide you with a singular journey

while collaborating with you to create unforgettable moments of rest, rejuvenation, and stay in Attabad, Hunza.

For a genuinely opulent hospitality experience, Luxus Hunza blends high-quality services that go above and beyond the norm, drawing inspiration from the unending blue hues of the sky and the lake.