Go- Lee which is also called Giyaling is a traditional breakfast item of Hunza. It is specifically prepared for the event of giani that is celebrated in the month of May and June each year after the cultivation of wheat crops. Giyaling is basically a flatbread that is made with whole grain flour. This bread is usually cooked on special occasions. It is served by spreading butter on it along with tea.

Hunza people mostly use the Go-lee with Namkeen Chai, But you can eat it with sweet tea as well. whenever I get free time in my home I love to make go-lee with namkeen chai,
You can also try this at your home using this recipe
use plain flour 500g 2 eggs some salt as per taste water and two cups of milk to make it better milky taste, 200g Desi Gee, (Butter), 1tsp cooking oil Deep bowl, pan platter, tablespoon.

take a large deep bowl and add flour a tablespoon of butter and salt to taste add eggs and mix it, then add some water and whisk it until it is properly mixed completely.
Heat your pan over moderate temperature grease it will cook the oil when it the oil get heat properly put the mixture on the pan and spread it and make a proper circle shape and adjust the heat when the turns golden/brown fill it again and cook both sides.
when Go-lee cook shifts it into the platter and takes a tablespoon of butter and spread well.
Finally the Go-lee/giyaling is ready to enjoy!
repeat this process to make a 5,6 Go-lee’s



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