Satpara Lake Skardu

Satpara Lake is another name for atpara Lake.The Skardu valley receives natural, pure water from Satpara Lake.

Visitors may go boating and fishing. On Satpara Lake, a dam is being constructed. The dam rises 128 feet in height. Tourists believe Satpara Lake to be the most alluring lake.
Locals think that the lake’s bottom has a gold mine, which explains why the water shines during the day. The view from Satpara Lake is breathtaking. The lake offers opportunities for fishing, rowing, and motorboating. Due to its breathtaking beauty, it is regarded as a lovely lake. 

Through a car, you can reach in 14 hours 20 minutes. The distance is 650 km. From Skardu, you can reach in 1 hour.

The Satpara Dam Project is a project that is located 7 kilometres from Skardu City and rises to a height of 8,700 feet (2,700 m). In addition, it will pond water to the tune of 90,000 acre feet (110,000,000 m3). 

The Deosai plains’ summertime ice melt serves as the primary source of water.It is a multifunctional project that will irrigate 15,000 acres (61 km2) of land, generate 13 Megawatts of electricity, and provide Skardu City with 13 Cusecis of drinking water every day.

Tourist Mostly Visit

Satpara Lake is one of the most popular lakes among visitors because of its exceptional and breathtaking beauty. Visitors may enjoy a beautiful view of the lake’s surrounding icy mountains thanks to its crystal-clear waters.
Beautification and details

Satpara Lake is located at an elevation of 8650 feet above sea level. The lake occupies a space of 2.5 km2. Locals believe that this lake contains a gold mine at the bottom, which explains why the water appears to shine during the day.

At the lake, you may go fishing, boating, or rowing. In rents fishing equipment, row boats, and motor boats. Although fishing equipment is inexpensive to rent, a fishing license costs US $10 (Pakistani Rs.1000/-) for one person.

It is one of Pakistan’s most beautiful lakes. The Pakistani government planned to build a dam on Satpara Lake in 2002. In the fiscal year 2004, the government allocated Rs. 600 million ($10 million) to the Satpara Dam project. However, development on the project has been sluggish.

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