Kharpocho Fort Skardu

Kharpocho fort

Skardu’s historic architecture may be found at the Kharpocho fort. Most notably, from the summit of Kharpocho, one can overlook the entire city of Skardu. In Skardu city, Gilgit Baltistan, the Kharpocho Fort, also called Skardu Fort, is located. Kharpocho, which in Balti means “King of Forts,” is a breathtaking sight for visitors. 

Fort is located on a mountain, about 40 meters above the city. On the Indus River’s bank is where the fort is situated. The confluence of the Shigar and Indus rivers lies close to this fort. This location has a well-established history that demonstrates how the king and queen formerly resided here with their family.

Historical events

Late in the 16th century, the fort was constructed by King Ali Sher Khan Anchan. In several conflicts, the fort served as a military front.

Local forces were aware of the conflict and the fort’s placement in the town during the struggle against the Dogra, the area’s ruler during the subcontinent’s split. To monitor the entrance and departure points of Skardu city, they first occupied the fort.


The utilization of creative talent and woodworking techniques to construct a castle is incredible. A water canal called “Gango pi Khrongh” was constructed from the Sadapara lake to a location close to the fort. 

Persian was designated as Baltistan’s official language after the Dogra emperors took control of the area. on one of the walls of the Fort, there is some Persian writing that has been put there.

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