The lower Kachura Lake Skardu Valley.

The Kachura Lakes are three freshwater lakes located in the Indus River basin of Skardu: Upper Kachura, Lower Kachura and Zambakha Lake.

Lower Kachura Lake is a part of the Shangrila resort. It is about 20 minutes from Skardu (nearly 2,500 m or 8,200 feet) town.

It is a popular tourist destination, and has a unique restaurant that is built on the fuselage of an aircraft that had crashed nearby shangrila.

Lower Kachura lake itself is in the middle of the resort. It is small but deep, and there are boat rides around it which offer great opportunities for photography.

Everywhere one turns in Skardu, there is a picturesque corner or spot with a unique view. These lakeside areas continue to offer stunning scenery and an opportunity to enjoy nature in its pristine form.

We were taken to a small patch of land on the other side of the dock to participate in some trout fishing. While some of us tried to reel in some trout, others preferred to sit on the rocks and dip their toes in the water and the smooth sand of the lake bed. Famished after exploring the lake, our party had tea and snacks by the restaurant, and bought some dried cherries to take home.

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