Lahore Is Famous For What?

History about Heart of Pakistan

Lahore is home to roughly 19,418,854 people. It serves as the seat of government for Pakistan’s Punjab province. Lahore is situated by the Ravi River. It is strategically located and referred to as “The Heart of Pakistan.”

The second-largest city in Pakistan and the historical capital of Punjab is Lahore. It is a genuinely unique city in many respects.

Lahore, the capital city of Punjab, is referred to in different ways by different people as the city of parks, colleges, historical buildings, and landmarks. There are innumerable workplaces with thousands of employees.

Lahore has a fantastic location that is bordered by the Kasur Area to the south, the far east toward Wagah, and the north gulf of the Sheikhupura Area.Around the River Ravi, the city of Lahore is situated 20 kilometres from the Wagah border and 55 kilometres from the Indian city of Amritsar.

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