10 Adventure best Honeymoon Destination for 2023

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Costa Rica:

Known for its lush rainforests, stunning beaches, and incredible wildlife, Costa Rica is a perfect honeymoon destination for adventurous couples who love nature and outdoor activities.

New Zealand:

With its rugged landscapes, glaciers, and fjords, New Zealand offers an array of outdoor adventures, and homeymoon destnation including hiking, skiing, and bungee jumping.


Iceland’s otherworldly landscapes, including its glaciers, geysers, and hot springs, make it an ideal honeymoon destinations for adventurous couples who enjoy hiking, skiing, and exploring natural wonders.

Bali, Indonesia:

With its beautiful beaches, tropical forests, and ancient temples, Bali offers a range of outdoor activities, including surfing, snorkeling, and exploring traditional villages.

Patagonia, Chile & Argentina:

This wilderness at the southern tip of South America is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet, ideal for hiking and climbing.


 A safari in Tanzania will allow couples to witness the vast array of animals and landscapes the country has to offer, from the Serengeti to Mount Kilimanjaro.


The Inca Trail is a popular trekking destinations to Machu Picchu, a must-see attraction, but also offers diverse landscapes and experiences of culture and adventure.


This small Himalayan kingdom is known for its stunning landscapes, ancient temples, and traditional culture, making it an ideal destination for couples who want to experience something different and off the beaten path.


From skiing and snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains to canoeing and kayaking on the country’s many lakes and rivers, Canada offers a wide range of outdoor activities for adventurous couples.


this country’s Fjords, mountains and the Northern lights are an iconic wilderness experience, and it offer many outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and skiing.

how much it will cost to enjoy honeymoon destination in 2023?

The cost of a honeymoon in 2023 will depend on a variety of factors, including the destination, the time of year, and the type of accommodations and activities you choose.

Some destinations, such as Bali or Costa Rica, are relatively affordable,

while others, like Iceland or Norway, can be quite expensive. Similarly, the cost of a honeymoon will also depend on the time of year you choose to travel. High season, or peak travel times, will generally be more expensive than low season.

For accommodations, it will also depend on your preferences and budget. You can choose from budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses, to high-end resorts and villas. Additionally, the type of transportation you choose (economy, business or first class) can also affect the overall cost.

Activities and excursions you choose to do also add up to the cost, from guided tours to adventure sports and spa treatments. I

t’s hard to give a specific cost without knowing more details, but a rough

estimate for a 20 days honeymoon in a middle-range destination, like Bali,

can be around $3,000 to $5,000 per person, including airfare, accommodations, transportation, food, and activities, but again it can vary greatly based on your specific choices

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